Happy New Year! 2021! No ratings yet.

Hello everyone who uses our web-site and services!

Thank you for being here this very uncommon 2020 year.

We wish you Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Let the Force be with you!

By the way, new calcs are coming out… Tri-core CPUs are on their way. Please stay in touch.

Have a nice holidays.


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Christmas SALE % for Pinout Database and more… No ratings yet.

Hi everybody!

Good news for you. There is christmas sale of our products until 31 of december this year!

You can buy registration to out pinout photo SRS database just for 170 USD.

Also there is 20% discount for other products (Can Tracer and JLinkZReader for TMS570 Read/Write).

Hurry up!

Clearcrash TEAM!

p.s.> please feel free to contuct us via offline form or email : airbagi(at)mail.ru


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Resistor Tables, Fiat Calcs and more… 0/5 (1)

Hello everyone!

Resistor tables are avaiable for order. See more info on this page. Look at video how it works (Russian language only).

Fiat SRS ECU with SPC560P50L3 on board (two ECU numbers) are ready. Test, if problems, contact us via online support form.

Popular Tools (Toolbox) now are available for public and absolutely free! Includes, checksum calculators, date-time caculators, X-Prog SPC fix program and more…

Have a nice work!




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Updated calcs No ratings yet.


Good news, there are a lots of updated calcs in our site.

Porsche 970.618.201.05  and similar, VW 5N0 959 655A  and similar now have “Number of crashes” position, that can be usefull, you can also see video how internal error on this modules can be cleared if number of crashes is too big.

Also updated Mistubishi calcs (e.g. 8635A282,8635A283, 8635A384). Now it correctly clears crash on all of these modules.

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Updates in clearcrash calcs No ratings yet.

Hi all,

Updates are here: fixed some issues in Hyundai/Kia calcs with Infineon (95910-H5000 for Solaris and 95910-M0XXX for Hyundai Creta). New calcs for New Rio (95910-H0130, 95910-H0230) with RH850 CPU are ready!

Here we go, new calc for Kia Ceed : 95910-A2650 with EEPROM 95256.

Thank you for using our service!


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